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In the year SCE 083, the war with the Novas Imperium has brought great suffering to the people. The enemy attacked unprovoked and while the enemy seems to want the UMC and humans eradicated, the Imperium has a more obvious motive. After discovering the Divine Ones and the history behind the ruins left behind, the alien threat wants nothing more than to obtain the technology and power of those who came before us. Unwilling to let the humans, or the other species, discover their heritage to the galaxy's history, the Novalians have waged an all out war to claim everything as their own. Humanity now fights for its very existence in this world and to avoid extinction, the UMC deployed the Centurions through Project APEX and now we take the fight to them!
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9-26-17: Getting Better!

Alright! Things are starting to get better, activity is returning after a Hiatus. Once things have gotten up to speed, lets try and get Operation Scowling Raven going. Welcome back guys! Lets make this a fun session!

Shadows of Novalia latest news: ReLaunching!
Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
Alerts are board wide announcements explaining story progression and overall updates to the forum when the staff makes any changes or edits.
2 0 Feb 25 2018, 09:21 PM
In: ReLaunching!
By: Stargazer
Members may find information on the various things like character races and faction notes, which helps in character creation and story progression.
Subforums: The Lore

9 9 Sep 25 2017, 03:48 PM
In: Space and Colony Maps
By: Stargazer
Content Decisions
The purpose of content Decisions is to allow more member involved suggestions, if you think something from new tech to a slight modification in site lore will help, then please bring it up! There is no set form for suggesting stuff but please give enough details.
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Got questions? Maybe you need to confirm something about the content or even suggest something about the board? Post a topic here! Guest questions allowed!
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Collapse   Paperwork
Please apply any and all character applications here for staff review, there is a form provided within for everyones use. DO NOT post applications in the approval indexes.
Subforums: UMC Characters, Freelance Characters

8 6 Sep 26 2017, 09:39 AM
In: Clarence Scofield WIP
By: Cyberghost
Adoptables are characters that have either been abandoned to inactivity or are premades for other members to claim and rewrite.
6 1 Aug 14 2017, 06:24 PM
In: Tifa Rogers
By: Stargazer
The Equipment forum is a place for members to customize their characters weapons and equipment to help achieve better efficiency in operations.
Subforums: Approved Weapons, Approved Vehicles

2 2 Sep 26 2017, 08:13 PM
In: [Approved] Mauna Kea Class
By: Stargazer
The Harbor
The Harbor is full of ships that the military is using, these are powerful weapons and gear that one really should pay attention too.
Subforums: UMC Vehicles, UMC Ships, Novas Vehicles, Novas Ships

23 30 Aug 10 2017, 03:27 PM
In: UMC Next Gen Ships
By: Stargazer
Briefing Room
The Briefing room is for soldiers and citizens to plot their stories, create situations that help propel the story and just generally look for needed character apps.
Subforums: Planning, Staging, Drafting

3 1 Aug 26 2017, 06:55 PM
In: Crisis on Mars
By: Stargazer

Earth is the birth place of Humanity, a lush green and water covered world complete with vast cities of human design. The planet has seen many civil and world wars but as of UCE 042, the Earth became part of the Orbital Federation with Mars.
Subforums: Colony Frontier, Angels Base, Crimson City, South Africa

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Mars was colonized during the Martian Visitor and Martian Colony Projects, the planets surface was terraformed using the ACS-P1 conversion system which the planet now has a breathable atmosphere for habitability. Due to the vast, barren wasteland that Mars still is, agriculture is a critical part of the Mars Government's development of the surface.
Subforums: Crystal City, Everest City, Canopus City, Phobos Base

2 16 Sep 27 2017, 02:58 AM
In: Within the Shadows
By: Erick Sandman
Jupiter is the Jovian Alliances home world, spanning several settlements across the planets moons. The Jupiter Conflict, which was started by Anti-Government Insurgents, became the turning point that won the Alliance its freedom and independence. Since the War with the Novas Imperium began, Tundra and Frostbite city have both been destroyed in massive raids against the UMC.
Subforums: Winterville, Jupitris City, Star of Io, Libertas City

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Though Saturn is difficult to attack, it is also difficult to defend. Enemy and allied forces can easily get lost within the asteroid belt that makes up the planets rings, so it is not recommended when scouting the area for new mining points.
Subforums: Saturnus City, Hermosa Station, Amethyst Debris Field

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Novas Worlds
This forum describes the worlds that are a part of the Novus Imperium which their solar system lays nearly 120 light years from Earths. These worlds include Novalia, capital of the Imperium, Fangalia which is home to the Fang and Satari and of course, Lithonia the Amphibian world.
Subforums: Novalia, Fangalia, Lithonia

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General Chat
Speak here about anything from video games to random subjects on your mind, please avoid subjects about religion or politics as these things can become a battlefield of their own.
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New members should introduce themselves, its a great way to meet everyone! Please also use this section for absence notes.
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Advertise here! All forum hosts are welcome so long as you have a guest friendly forum for a link back. For return links, please post in the sub board!

No Forumotion Boards please!

Subforums: Link Back

34 0 Feb 24 2018, 05:47 PM
In: Once Upon a Nightmare (Jcin...
By: The Bard
Do you want to drop a mini banner exchange for us? Do so here, the application can be found inside. You may found our button HERE and please make sure to read the guidelines.
Subforums: Approved Requests

1 0 Aug 10 2017, 08:39 PM
In: Affiliate with Us!
By: Stargazer

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